Monday will be ‘the busiest day of the year’ for vehicle breakdowns

Mail order specialist has predicted that this Monday, January 5th, will be the busiest day of the year for car breakdowns.

The reason this date will be the busiest, according to a report from the company, is that New Year’s Day falls on a Thursday and many cars will be left unused until the following Monday when sore-headed Brits trudge wearily back to work.

During the four days off work, temperatures are set to plunge as low as -13C. This combination of car inactivity and low temperatures is the ideal recipe for creating conditions in which car engines can’t be started.

Cars with burst radiators will be a fact of life in the chilly start to the New Year with diesel cars being especially vulnerable.

Martin Mosley of Car Parts Direct said: “The combination of freezing weather and vehicles parked up always finds the weaknesses of a vehicle. We fully expect Monday to be the single busiest day for years."

Written by Harry Oakey


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