Mobile retailers ‘must do more’ to help drivers

Mobile phone retailers are not doing enough to inform drivers of the full danger of driving while using their phone, according to a new survey.

A study by the RAC Foundation found that, while retailers told customers that the law requires them to use a hands-free kit, only one in three explained that using a handheld phone while driving can be distracting and dangerous.

Only one in five phone companies told motorists that they face an increased risk of being in an accident when using their mobile and just one in 20 pointed out that using a hands-free kit can also increase the risk of being in a road accident.

Edmund King, executive director of the RAC Foundation, said: "Our survey shows that some mobile phone retailers could do more to explain the risks drivers run when they try to chat and drive at the same time.

"The police must also do more to enforce the law. Mobile menaces need to know that that they will be caught and fined."

Mr King said that the best advice for motorists to take heed of is to simply turn their phone off when they are in their car.

Around half a million drivers break the law by using their phone while driving every day and, from this week, these people could face a £60 fine and incur three points on their licence.


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