Mib: ‘We’ll make uninsured drivers more honest’

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (Mib) has vowed to change uninsured drivers’ behaviour and perceptions and make them "more like honest motorists".

Mib was formed in 1946 as a private company established with the purpose of entering into agreements with the government to compensate the victims of negligent uninsured and untraced motorists.

Fast-forward 62 years and it is still needed today as it is estimated that one-in-twenty drivers are uninsured. This represents around 1.5 million motorists.

Lorraine Preston, communications assistant at Mib, stressed that the police have some new tools to use to fight the problem.

One of these is Mib data highlighting the areas most likely to have high incidences of uninsured drivers. This allows them to potentially target places such as the West Midlands, which now has six out of the top ten worst areas for uninsured driver.

Ms Preston said: "Some people don’t see uninsured driving for the crime that it is, and the police and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau along with government are determined to change both the perceptions and behaviour of the uninsured, into those of honest motorists."

Written by Shangri Larsson


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