Male car buyers ‘offered better deals than women’

Men secure better deals in showrooms and are typically able to shave a larger amount off the price of a car than women, research suggests.

According to a study by What Car? and women’s car-buying website, the average male car shopper is able to secure £544 more of a discount than his female counterpart.

The experiment asked male and female participants to visit showrooms across the UK enquiring about five different cars – an Audi A4, a Ford Focus, a Honda CR-V, a Renault Clio and a Vauxhall Zafira.

In 55 per cent of the dealerships visited the man was offered the better deal, compared to 20 per cent that made a better offer to the female customer.

Steve Fowler, group editor of What Car?, said there is no reason for gender to be an issue when negotiating the price of a vehicle.

"Discounts can be relatively easy to come by if you’re well prepared before you go shopping," Mr Fowler said. "Our target price proves that you can save an average of £1,454 on a new car – often much more."

Alex Jenner-Fust, editor of, said this survey illustrates the importance of carrying out research before visiting a showroom and urged all car buyers to be "brave" when haggling with salespeople.


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