Majority of drivers “lost” without satnav

A new survey has discovered that over three in five drivers would be "well and truly lost" if they did not have the use of a satellite navigation system (satnav).

Some 63 per cent of motorists questioned by admitted they would lose their way without the gadget, which comes as standard in some cars but can also be bought as a stand-alone device for use while driving.

Furthermore, a total of eight per cent of drivers – equating to 2.5 million people – said they "could not live without" their satnavs, but the survey also found that when it comes to more traditional methods of navigation, over three in ten people cannot read the basics of a road map.

"It’s time for motorists to take a refresher in map reading skills," said Ordnance Survey’s Scott Sinclair. "Technology is great but the batteries won’t run out on a paper map."

Although many people use satnavs effectively to cut down journey times and mileage, keeping an atlas in the vehicle could ensure extra security should the gadget be out of action.


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