Londoners are the ‘most reckless (and honest) drivers’

New research from price comparison expert has confusingly named Londoners as being the most reckless and honest type of driver on British roads.

Perhaps the survey is a little flawed in asking motorists to assess their own on-road behaviour rather than testing it independently but it does seem to highlight distinct regional differences in attitudes to road safety.

Two out of every five (40 per cent) of London drivers admit to frequently speeding, 30 per cent don’t bother indicate when turning and 26 per cent neglect to thank other motorists.

But their communication skills are a lot better if they bump into another car, with 80 per cent claiming that they would leave their details at the scene of the prang.

This honesty is mirrored by 76 per cent of Scottish motorists but 34 per cent of sly northern motorists would drive on without leaving their details.

The boyos and girls of Wales seem to be the safest drivers, almost one in three insist that they have not picked up any bad driving habits at all.

Written by James Christie


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