Learner driver troublespots identified

A new survey has discovered the top ten reasons why a learner driver may fail to pass their test, with incorrect observation at junctions coming in first place.

While passing a test may be an exciting time, Churchill Car Insurance has stated that new motorists need to keep practising in order to become fully-equipped and confident.

Research by the company found that reverse parking was the second most problematic area for learner drivers, followed by reversing around corners, parallel parking and driving at the wrong or inappropriate speed.

"All learners are different and each will require a different level of practise to make them a well-rounded driver," said Churchill Car Insurance spokesperson Frances Browning.

New drivers looking for a suitable car may find that a model with a smaller engine and power steering could be ideal, as this may help them to practise more easily.


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  1. The most common reason for Learner Drivers in Ireland not passing the Driving Test is plain and simple.It comes in two parts:-

    (1) They can’t drive because they haven’t taken Lessons.
    (2) If they have actually taken some professional lessons they have not heeded the advice of their Instructor and undertaken in- depth Driving Test preparation.

    Of course Passing the Driving Test first time is not the end of one’s driving achievements but just the begining.