Law-abiding Brits ‘being bullied’ into speeding by tailgaters

Law-abiding British drivers are being bullied into speeding by tailgating motorists.

That is the conclusion of an in-depth new study conducted by Direct Line Insurance and Transport Research Laboratory.

The research concentrated on comparing motorists habits when driving in their ‘normal’ style to their reactions if they adhered to the Highway Code.

Meanwhile it observed the response of other drivers to these two different styles.

When sticking to the Highway Code, 93 per cent of the drivers were tailgated (harassed by the driver behind them who use tactics such as driving close behind the following car’s bumper or flashing their lights).

Less than half (47 per cent) were the victims of tailgating when driving in their normal style.

The study also found that novice drivers and parents with small children, are more at risk of bullying tactics on Britain’s roads.

Maggie Game, head of car insurance at Direct Line, commented: "Drivers need to understand that the increased stress caused as a result of tailgating can lead to volatile situations on the road and that tailgating is responsible for approximately seven per cent of road traffic accidents in the UK."

Written by Roxy Moran


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  1. I am never tempted to speed up when tailgated. My biggest gripe are the LGV’s, on a congested motorway, who tailgate when I cannot go any faster. It’s a pity the law does not require company contact details to be clearly marked on all commercial vehicles, then at least the Fleet Manager could be informed of poor/aggresive driving.
    Hitting another vehicle from the rear has the potential to be an expensive crash and will reflect on future insurance premiums. Don’t fleet Managers care????