Kyoto Protocol ‘has failed’, says drivers body

The government’s proposals to achieve carbon emissions reductions have failed, it has been claimed.

According to Ben Adams, environment spokesman for the Association of British Drivers, most efforts made by officials on the matter are simply ways to impose more taxation.

Indeed, it has been suggested that the congestion charge will not help in so much as it will line the government’s pockets.

He added that research from Gwyn Prins and Steve Rayner on the subject was correct and that the Kyoto Protocol needs a "radical rethink".

"Kyoto type polices are dead – let’s bury Kyoto, hold the wake, and move on. Developing secure energy sources and adaptation to inevitable natural climate change is the only way forward," said Mr Adams.

Earlier this year, motorists spoke out over government plans for on road charging.

Some 1.8 million people signed an online petition on the 10 Downing Street website against the tax.


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