Johnson receives cautious welcome

The No Internal Combustion Engine (NICE) car company, which specialises in selling electric vehicles, has welcomed the election of Boris Johnson as the new Mayor of London.

One of the mayoral policy commitments was that he would look again at the congestion charging penalties for petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles, but NICE is still optimistic that owners of the Mega City car should continue to pay nothing to enter the zone.

"We know that Boris recognises the many benefits of owning an electric car," said Julian Wilford, co-founder of NICE cars.

"We also understand the importance of choice to the mayor – and to our customers. At the NICE Car Company we have the widest range of zero-emissions vehicles on the market."

Electric vehicles do not have an Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) charge – and
their running costs approximate to 1.5p per mile, whereas a petrol or
diesel equivalent may be costing approximately 14p per mile for
round-town driving conditions.


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