Job titles ‘can push premiums up 33%’

The car insurance quotes that drivers are offered can vary by up to a third based on the job title the customer gives, according to research.

A legal professional would pay £376.22 to insure a Fiat Brava if they described themselves as a lawyer, but £459 if they said they were a barrister, the study by reveals.

Similarly, someone who told an insurer they worked as a journalist or correspondent would pay around £282 to insure a Fiat Brava, while a customer described as a newspaper reporter would be charged £376.22.

Debra Williams, managing director of, said that insurance premiums are influenced by numerous factors, with job title being just one.

"Adjusting the way you describe your job can have a surprising impact on premiums," she added.

"The reason for this lies in the fact that insurers essentially keep a record of claims history against specific job titles. It may be a quirk of the statistics, but if an insurer finds a glut of claims associated with a specific job title, anyone with that title is likely to be penalised with higher premiums."


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