James and Lucy named as the most reckless drivers

If you’ve got the name James or Lucy you are more likely to be a reckless driver.

That is the finding of new research conducted by Confused.com which revealed that 31 per cent of Jameses admit to having driving convictions with Lucy topping the ladies’ poll of shame with six per cent.

Alfie, the fifth most popular boy’s name, is the name most associated with sensible driving – only 0.03 per cent have blemishes on their licence.

The most popular boy’s name at the moment is Jack; 1.61 per cent have fallen foul of the law while driving.

Olivia is the most common choice of girl’s name; 0.52 per cent have points on their licence.

Will Thomas, head of motor insurance at Confused.com, warned: "On average, a driver with three points will see premiums leap seven per cent, rising to 25 per cent for six points and 50 per cent for nine points; and the number of insurance providers willing to insure a driver with nine points can halve."

Written by Alfie Noakes


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