It’s official: left-handed drivers are quicker learners

New research has proved that left-handed drivers are quicker to get things right when it comes to passing their driving test.

A study conducted by the AA found that almost six out of ten (57 per cent) left-handers passed their driving test at the first attempt, making them ten per cent more likely than slower-brained right-handers who only have a 47 per cent first-time pass rate.

The news has been released just in time for Left-Handers Day 2008 which falls on Wednesday 13th August and is the time when all lefties raise a glass (with their left hand of course) to celebrate their uniqueness.

Only five per cent of this special band of drivers believe being left-handed made learning to drive more difficult than if they were right-handed, although a quarter (27 per cent) grumble that cars are designed to be driven by right-handers.

There have been many left-handers who have overcome the world’s right-handed bias to become brilliant drivers.

One of these is Chewbacca the Wookie, the grumpy but dependable co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.


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  1. As a left hander, this is good to know.

    We’re often labelled ‘cack handed’ when, in fact, everyone who is left handed knows it’s simply because we have to live in a world designed for right handers.