Is it me you love or just my car?

New research from Kwik-Fit has found that the keys to a person’s heart could well depend on what type of car they drive.

In news which will stand more traditional rules of attraction theories on their head, Kwik-Fit’s survey found that ladies are slightly more likely to judge a partner by their car than gentlemen are (44 per cent compared to 40 per cent).

An astonishing three quarters of a million women have courted a chap for no other reason than that they liked his car.

Bizarrely, 250,000 have refused to date a suitor they liked because they didn’t fancy his motor.

It seems that the way to keep the flame of love burning is to keep a nice car in the garage – 330,000 Brits have stayed in a relationship just because they enjoyed driving their partner’s car, while 230,000 traded in their other half because their motor didn’t satisfy their demands.

David White, customer services director at Kwik-Fit / amateur relationship expert commented: "Whilst many people strive for a honed appearance to attract the opposite sex, it seems this can often count for little if their car is unreliable and has filthy paintwork, an oil leak and bald tyres."


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