Invention brings more light to roads

Road safety is set to improve ten-fold thanks to a new solar power invention from Britain.

The SolarLite flush road stud from Astucia stores solar power during the day before emitting it automatically at night, giving up to 900 metres of visibility for motorists.

As a result, a driver’s reaction time in the dark is now 30 seconds from 3.2 seconds at 60 mph.

Martin Rodgers, sales and marketing director for Clearview Traffic, commented that the technology is a step forward in road safety.

"Astucia is shaping the future of traffic safety by providing superior information to drivers about potential hazards direct from the road in their natural field of vision," said the representative.

It may be that the amount of traffic collision on British highways each year goes down due to the invention.

Department for Transport statistics show that 3,150 people were killed on UK roads during 2006.


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