Initiative launched to support skills of roadside rescue workers

The AA, Mondial UK and RAC, the country’s biggest roadside assistance organisations, have united to run a programme designed to ensure that their patrols remain fully up to date with the complexities of modern motoring.

This initiative, called the automotive technician accreditation (ATA), has been prompted by consistent advances in new car technology.

Practical skills in a range of technical disciplines and theoretical knowledge of various systems will be tested with the ATA, to ensure that patrols have a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of their subject.

The voluntary scheme, which has been developed in association with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), will require technicians to renew their accreditation every five years.

Sarah Sillars, chief executive of the IMI, said: "Such rapid vehicle evolution demands the utmost technical proficiency and the launch of ATA for the roadside assistance sector will bring continued reassurance to millions of motorists that they will be aided by technicians who are ambassadors for the cause in promoting skills, customer service and integrity."

A pilot of the scheme has already been launched and has accredited 100 patrols.

Once the programme is made available to all three organisations, patrol accreditations are expected to total 5,000.


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