In-car maps are “old fashioned”

Using a road atlas or map to navigate a route is becoming increasingly regarded as old fashioned, new research has discovered.

According to a survey by Motorpoint, some 72 per cent of drivers now prefer to use electronic devices, such as satellite navigation systems (satnavs), rather than their paper equivalent.

And, although the company says these gadgets still have some flaws, they do have many positive effects, such as enabling the driver to focus on the road and sometimes cutting down the journey time and distance.

Indeed, Motorpoint’s managing director David Shelton said more and more people were turning to satnavs for guidance.

"We have noticed a growing number of customers who are purchasing vehicles with a satellite navigation system, as it becomes the new must have accessory," he explained.

Satnavs can vary in terms of what they offer and how much they cost.

Some alert the driver when a speed camera is on approach, while others can be programmed to give directions in a certain voice.


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