IAM issues pre-winter checklist

With snowfalls reported across the country this week, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has issued a pre-winter checklist to ensure drivers stay safe on the roads this winter.

The institute said the most important thing for motorists to do was to ensure their vehicle is prepared for winter early.

"In autumn have the anti freeze checked, replace damaged wiper blades, stock up on de-icer, add a frost inhibitor to the screen wash and buy a window scraper and two cloths: one to clear condensation and dirt from the inside windows and one to clean lights and exterior windows," the checklist says.

Further recommendations include checking the windscreen wipers are off when leaving the vehicle the night before, and using external temperature gauges if the vehicle has them.

The institute warns that stopping distances increase during the winter months because of frosty or wet weather.

Department of Transport figures showed that November was the most likely month for drivers to have an accident in 2007.

Written by Neil Grayson


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