HPI check ‘can improve child safety’

Parents considering the purchase of a used car have been urged to conduct essential checks to ensure it is child friendly.

With Child Safety Week (June 23rd to June 29th) just a few days away, vehicle information service HPI has suggested that used car buyers who fail to check the history of a vehicle before committing to purchase could be putting their families at risk.

Research conducted by the company shows more than 50 per cent don’t consult NCAP ratings before buying a used car and 44 per cent of parents don’t check to see if their current car seats fit correctly in a potential new car.

Warming to the theme, HPI director Nick Lindsay said: "A staggering 75 per cent of people would rely on their own judgment of a car, rather than calling on professionals for information or advice to support a purchase decision.

"This is even more baffling when you take into consideration that 88 per cent of people surveyed said they were concerned about buying a write-off and 96 per cent of people a cut ‘n’ shut. A car’s hidden history may put its integrity into question. For instance, if it had been in a serious accident previously and not professionally repaired, the structure of the car may not be sound."

An HPI Check would help parents by providing confirmation that a vehicle has been declared fit for the road.


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