How visiting a car dealer can be pain free

Although some motorists may compare visiting a car dealership to taking a trip to the dentist, it can actually be a pleasant experience.

Among the problems seen by a number of motorists is that they are going to get caught up in hours of haggling for a better price and being told about elements of a car they do not understand.

However, some advice has been given from an American website on how a car driver can leave a car dealership feeling like the trip has been a success.

According to US News Rankings and Reviews, there are eight mistakes regularly made by motorists that would be better to avoid.

These include not putting all of their eggs in one basket and setting their sights on a particular vehicle.

The website states that "it’s ok to have a preference", but motorists should ensure they have a list of vehicles that they are potentially interested in if the price is right.

Also, car drivers are advised not to simply rush a sale in a bid to escape a showroom, this includes not buying unnecessarily from the first showroom visited and being observant to avoid making rash decisions.

A further piece of advice for motorists trading in their current used car as part of a deal is to ensure that this original car does not get undervalued.

The website highlights: "Dealerships can make a lot of money on trade-ins.

"Buyers are often overeager to get rid of their old car in favour of a new one and are willing to accept a trade-in price that’s far lower than the car’s worth."

Finally, motorists are told to be pleasant to dealers as this could lead to a better deal if a person can strike up a positive rapport with the sales member.

Meanwhile, although there are many things that a motorist may dislike about the attitudes of a car dealer, the same can be said when the boot is on the other foot.

These could include a customer walking into a dealership just as it was about to close, backing out of a car deal at the last minute and bringing in an accomplice who is a good negotiator of a better deal.


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