How the credit crunch has speeded up journey times

New research has revealed how the average journey time on British motorways is getting quicker – and apparently it is the credit crunch which should be thanked for this.

Higher fuel prices and the rising cost of living has priced many motorists off the roads, meaning less congestion, with jams down 12 per cent on 2007, according to Trafficmaster and the RAC Foundation.

The average speed on Britain’s motorways has slowed from 63.3 mph to 62.2 mph over the last year as motorists aim to conserve fuel and money.

But although average speeds have dipped, journey times have got faster (by 0.3 per cent) as drivers don’t need to travel so fast to get to their destination.

Georgina Read at Trafficmaster commented: "Rising fuel prices and general economic concerns are making people think carefully about how they drive. The upshot of less traffic means motorists can get from A to B quicker while travelling at lower and more economical speeds.

"It really is a case where less haste can mean more speed."


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