How does your car affect your image?

New research from old person’s mag Saga has attempted to uncover how your choice of car affects your image.

One of the findings was that owners of Rolls Royces and Ferraris are seen as ‘flashy’ by 21 per cent and 22 per cent of those surveyed. Among women the figures were even higher (23 per cent and 24 per cent).

Convertibles like the Mazda MX-5 were given a thumbs-up from just ten per cent of poll participants but that was enough to make it the most popular car for the fashion conscious.

In contrast, the research suggested that the cars with the least fashionable owners are city cars (for instance Smart), family saloons (for example Ford Mondeo) and estates (such as Volvo).

The research also examined the typically perceived age of a car driver according to their car type. A luxury car driver was perceived to be 52-years-old, a city car driver 40-years-old and a hatchback driver 36-years-old.

Roger Ramsden of Saga commented: "It seems drivers and pedestrians alike hold strong views on particular car types."

Written by Theodore Walnut


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