Hard times mean ‘more hard bargaining’ on the forecourts

Research conducted by Experian’s CreditExpert.co.uk has suggested that the credit crunch has resulted in more hard bargaining occurring on Britain’s used car forecourts.

Over half of the population (57 per cent) is more willing to drive a hard bargain compared to this time a year ago.

And a car purchase is the item that consumers have been most successful with when bartering for a lower price (38 per cent).

Kirk Fletcher, managing director of Experian’s automotive division, said: "Over the last few years consumers have spent more time on the internet researching everything about a vehicle before even setting foot in the showroom.

"Consumers are more geared up than ever before to get a good deal. By the time they enter a dealership, they already know how far they are willing to negotiate."

Mr Fletcher believes that used car dealers should do some research of their own.

Questions he believes should be asked include: ‘Which customers are likely to upgrade and which ones are downsizing?’ and ‘Which vehicles are increasing in sales compared to those that are losing their appeal?’

Written by Trevor Coffee


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