Hard shoulder breakdown advice

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has issued some advice for drivers in case they suffer the fate of breaking down on a motorway’s hard shoulder.

Hard shoulders are extremely hazardous places on which up to 20 people are killed each year. It is illegal to stop on one, except in an emergency.

IAM advises that if an emergency does occur it is best to pull over to the far-left side of the hard shoulder, put your hazard warning lights on and turn your steered wheels to the left.

The organisation recommends that "if possible, try to stop where other traffic has a clear view of your car – avoid bends or the brow of a hill".

It should go without saying that it is not safe to carry out repairs on the hard shoulder. It is preferable to call for assistance from one of the emergency phones positioned at half-mile intervals along the motorway.

This can help the motorway Control Centre locate your exact location. Small marker posts with arrows should indicate the direction of the nearest phone.


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