HA: Check fuel levels this Christmas

Motorists in the UK should make sure that they have enough gas in the tank to make the journeys they want to this Christmas, according to a roads body.

The Highways Agency (HA) will be raising awareness of the issue among north-east drivers, using electronic signs located in a number of different areas.

Chris Holehouse, HA network performance manager, commented that a number of motorists are "oblivious" to the risks of their car breaking down while they are travelling on the motorway.

He said: "We are urging people to top up long before they hit the reserve tank to prevent these avoidable breakdowns."

Mr Househouse added that 950 serious injuries along with 67 fatalities occurred on the hard shoulder of the motorway between 2000 and 2004.

Last year, there were 3,150 deaths on roads in the UK, according to figures released by the Department for Transport.


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