HA: Britain’s roads to get better

The Highways Agency (HA) has announced a number of initiatives it will be pursuing over the coming years that will make it safer and more reliable to drive in Britain.

Work is already scheduled to begin on some improvement schemes, including the widening of the M25 between Dartford and the M20 junction at Swanley. This part of the motorway is used by nearly 135,000 vehicles every day.

By April 2008, the HA hopes to have opened the first car-share lane on a British motorway, between the M62 and M606 near Bradford.

Motorists will be offered a number of new services to help them plan their journey, including travel information broadcasts on digital radio and real-time journey durations displayed on motorway message signs.

CCTV images of motorways will also be made available on the HA website, meaning that drivers can see the conditions on the motorway network at any time.

Archie Robertson, chief executive of the HA, said: "We want to make journey times more reliable for our customers and continue to improve safety while respecting the environment and carrying out our business as efficiently as possible.

"This year we will establish ourselves as network operator for England’s motorways and major A-roads."

Later this year the HA will publish its first sustainable development action plan, outlining the contribution it will make towards tackling climate change.


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