Govt commitment to reducing congestion “a sham”

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has described the government’s claim that it is committed to reducing congestion as "a sham".

Its comments follow a petition that was posted on the prime minister’s website calling for the promotion of homeworking and more flexible employment regulations.

The government responded to this petition by saying that it is "keen to encourage flexible working" but said that the issue was something to be discussed between companies and their employees.

It also pointed out that not all jobs are amenable to teleworking and that not all people lived in homes that were suitable for use as working spaces.

Nigel Humphries, spokesman for the ABD, said: "The government has previously used scaremongering claims about congestion increasing to justify road pricing and insisted that doing nothing is not an option.

"Yet when an option other than road pricing is put forward, the government effectively rejects it. Their claimed desire to reduce congestion is clearly a sham."

Both workers and employers should be offered an incentive to encourage teleworking, according to the ABD, as if office staff were able to work from home for just one day a week it would "vastly reduce" congestion.


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