Government ‘should provide more incentives for green drivers’

The publisher of Clean Green Cars, which aims to advise people about how to make environmentally-considerate vehicle purchases, has urged the government to provide more incentives for drivers looking to switch to a green choice of car.

Jay Nagley believes that "widening the tax differentials for lower-polluting cars" would be the most obvious choice of policy for the government to choose in order to promote green driving.

Mr Nagley also thinks that serious consideration should be given to implementing a "scrappage incentive" and gave the example of offering people £1,000 to trade in a larger, older car for a model that emits under 120 g/km of CO2.

The expert has some frank opinions regarding the advantages of electric cars over hybrid cars.

He said: "Hybrid cars are not yet practical – a current Toyota Prius is no better for the environment than a Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel."

Last October, transport secretary Geoff Hoon pledged a £100 million commitment to promote the growth of the greener vehicles sector of the market.

Written by Bobby Minter


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