Girly Cars That Some Men Love To Drive


We at vcars have been confused by the amount of “men” we see proudly driving motors that are so transparently designed for women. While we would love to know the physiological reasoning behind those purchases, we know where our expertise lie and it certainly isn’t psychology. Consequently we decided to put our heads together and generate a list of feminine cars that we often see the male population of the UK driving.

You may all be thinking, “Well, what are the characteristics for a ‘feminine’ car?” Who knows? We don’t know the definitive answer to that, but we sure as hell know that when we see a 6ft lumberjack driving a Ford KA, there is definitely something strangely odd going on.

We proudly present our list of “feminine cars that some men love to drive” (in no particular order):

Ford Ka
They say that men buy ridiculously fast and expensive sports cars to compensate for the lack of … We believe that the Ka was built for men that know they are lacking absolutely nothing…besides from a masculine ride. This vehicle is actually smaller than the average man and holds as much power as a limping Chinchilla; and we men know that size and power is everything.

Contrary to common belief, not even a Ferrari engine-transplant, a thick spoiler and 19 inch alloys will ‘beef’ this puppy up. We all know it’s been tried.

Peugeot 206cc
No doubt about it, this vehicle is definitely not unattractive. It looks sexy and sleek, and when the roof is down, it even manages to pull off a sporty look that even men adore. However, a man driving to the pub in this vehicle just wouldn’t impress the local football team after a victory- not even with a masucline metallic black finish. This is designed for a sophisticated young lady that wants to take her girlfriends to a swanky little bar, to enjoy a round of dry-martinis and lemonades. Although we appreciate this vehicle for what it is (a chick-cart), we still get confused by the amount of men making this purchase so they can brag about owning a “sports car”. We said it has a sporty “lookâ€?- nothing else.

The New Mini
All petrol-heads can appreciate a well built car; and the German manufacturer BMW certainly don’t lack technical skills, so this little beauty definitely gets thumbs up for ingenuity. But we ask you an important question, are the inner workings of a glorious beast enough for a man, if the beast looks like a cute, fluffy little kitten?

In conclusion, it’s a perfect purchase for a female city-slicker that wants to be recognised for driving a reliable piece of kit. Unfortunately, there is no such glory for a man that drives this vehcile; any man seen behind the wheel will be asked what estate agent they work for, and what state the property market is currently in.

The new SLK
The SLK is another beautiful piece of German craftsmanship; it’s a finely tuned machine that certainly has enough calibre to impress the audience. However, there’s nothing really masculine about it. The front bumper can be deceiving at times, by pulling-off a mean, prowling glance, but that doesn’t last very long, and then it’s back to reality. It’s apparent; the SLK is the wife of the SL. The SLK doesn’t come cheap, so money is no object for any owner; we can only assume that any man driving around in a SLK has been pressured by their wife. If that’s the case, they should be driving a girly looking car…

Unfortunately, the MG TF are currently no longer in production, but still extremely common on our roads. Like the 206cc, they can pull off the sporty look, without actually having the pedigree to overtake the average family saloon that’s on its last legs.

The MG TF is an extremely compact motor; perfect for a 2nd division footballer’s wife and her poodle. These are commonly seen driven by men; we at Vcars think we have come up with a logical reasoning for this- we just assume, “his car must need some serious repair after that accident. He’s lucky he can borrow his wife’s car in the mean time”

New VW Beetle
The VW Beetle is an absolute classic; any true petrol-head idolises the Herbie movies and the classic Beetle. No matter how small or inadequate the classic Beetle looks, it still looks just right whether the driver be male or female, and has a place in every motor enthusiast’s heart.

Unfortunately, the god-father didn’t pass its genes through in its entirety to the modernized niece. The niece accepted the notorious bubble body, but completely rejected the rough curves and sharp teeth. So in essence, we’re left with a vehicle that, simply, looks extremely, perfectly round.

This modernized update certainly lost a lot of its male cliental; however, we have noticed a lot of die-hard fans that just won’t let go. A man’s car needs a rough edge, a bit of stubble; it certainly doesn’t need a clean shave and perfect curves. There’s a rumour going ‘round that VW are going to introduce a “Hello Kitty” version. That sounds about right…


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  1. the new shaped beetle is not only a great looking car but a great drive. so what if they attract a greater % of female drivers, individuality lives on!i,m the proud owner, male, and not a gay hairdresser..

  2. I have always admired the VW Beetle especially the Cabriolet version! I always talked about about getting one for my wife one day, as many in society determined it a girls car! Then today it hit me the car is way too nice for a wife so why should she have the best! After all look how many men drive KA’s! Any one that says they wouldn’t buy a VW Beetle because it’s girlie is one not sure about their own gender and secondly is greatly missing out!

  3. i was deciding between a vw beetle and austin mini (as i have owned the original in the past) and to help me choose i googled ‘why men dont drive vw beetle’ and this article came up. i must say it’s the best humorous article i have read in many months!!! i have owned an mg tf in the past but it never felt like a girl’s car, the brakes were absolutely atrocious for such a powerful car so always had the feeling of driving on the edge. well, i am no longer getting a mini-it’s a polluting 3 litre reliant scimitar for me!

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