Getting back to find a dent

The British Motor Show has coined the term ‘prangsters’ for those who shunt into parked cars and drive off without leaving insurance details.

In London, according to The British International Motor Show, 44 per cent of drivers have had a car park crunch yet drove away, whereas across the whole of the UK the figure is one in five motorists.

Supermarket car parks account for 44 per cent of all ‘prangs’ with on-street or multi-storey car parks being equally dangerous, accounting for about a third of all occurrences each.

When asked why they did not own up to the damage, excuses ranged from "I’ve had it done to me before" accounting for one in five answers, too much hassle to own up – 19 per cent, and people being ‘in a hurry’ the favoured response from 13 per cent of drivers. Only four per cent of motorists said that the factor which made them leave the scene was that they were worried about the cost of the damage which they had done to the other car.


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