Get a Varta car battery and ‘gain more power’

The latest offerings from battery manufacturer Johnson Controls claim to offer more reliable cold starting power and longer lifespan at no extra cost sounds.

Johnson is confident that Varta-branded range of silver, blue and black dynamic batteries will appeal to car drivers across the nation.

This is because the company has incorporated a new grid technology it calls PowerFrame into its trio range of car batteries.

This technological innovation means the battery is less likely to corrode and could improve its length of service.

"This patented technology is already being supplied by us to all the major vehicle manufacturers," said Johnson Controls product manager Tony Miller.

"We aim to continually improve all our products, so motorists looking for the best replacement battery can now benefit from PowerFrame technology at no extra cost."

Silver dynamic is designed for luxury high end models, blue dynamic for current mainstream cars and black dynamic for cars over seven years old – handy for those looking to buy used cars.


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