General Motors debuts new engine technology

The most awaited advanced combustion technology of the last 30 years has been revealed, it has been claimed.

General Motors has stated that its homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) system gives petrol vehicles diesel-like fuel efficiency while allowing for carbon emission cuts.

The firm added that HCCI can provide up to 15 per cent in fuel savings when in conjunction with other advanced petrol engine and control technologies.

Tom Stephens, group vice president at GM Powertrain and Quality, stated that such an evolution has always been a dream to him.

"Using math-based predictive analysis and other tools, we are beginning to see how we can make this technology real," he said.

"We can deliver good fuel savings for consumers."

General Motors is a public company founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1908.

In worldwide sales volume, it was second behind Toyota for the first half of 2007.


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  1. Re. GM’s supposed new HCCI engines. Compression Ignition is just another name for diesel. If they’re petrol compression ignition engines, then all they are, are diesel engines being run on petrol. This is nothing new.
    Virtually all modern, common rail, diesel engines will run perfectly well on regular gas, with no loss of performance or mileage. Certainly Ford ones will. The only problem is lack of lubrication, and hence advanced wear, to various components like the fuel pump. Sort this out and you can run them on just about any volatile liquid you like.
    Selling them as petrol engines will just be misleading and dishonest. If its got a high compression ratio, goes bang without an electrically induced spark and, presumably, knocks like crazy, then IT’S A DIESEL.