GEM circulates 1m safety booklets

Close to one million copies of a publication put together by GEM Motoring Assist (GEM) have been circulated, the group has announced.

The booklet includes information on how to avoid confrontation or attacks when driving alone, also offering information on how best to deal with a road rage scenario.

According to David Williams, GEM chief executive, the pamphlet has been picked up by a large number of women.

"Today’s professional woman needs to feel safe and secure while going about her business or travelling for leisure and pleasure and this booklet gives a series of important pointers," he said.

Also included in the literature is advice on how to maintain a vehicle and check that it is in good condition.

Hampshire News reports that a 26-year-old van driver was punched in the face close to a Texaco forecourt near Hartley Wintey yesterday.

Police Constable Christopher Whitehouse believes the incident was unprovoked, it added.


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