Games like I Spy ‘can make us feel car-sick’

New research has concluded that games such as I Spy can contribute to passengers feeling car-sick on long journeys.

A study conducted by esure car insurance and Transport Research Laboratory found that activities such as Count the Cows and Spot the Car, which adults encourage kids to play to ward off carsickness, actually make things worse.

Researchers believe that this is because these pastimes mean that the head is not stable when watching passing scenery, increasing the likelihood of car-sickness.

The modern age also poses problems for drivers wishing to avoid feeling car-sick as satellite navigation systems encourage increased head movement.

Dr Cyriel Diels, human factors researcher at TRL, advised: "If you do begin to feel sick, it’s best to focus on the horizon, breath slowly and deeply, and if possible, take a break from your journey, as remedies such as acupressure bands, sucking a sweet and opening car windows just won’t work."

The report found that 33 per cent of people have vomited in a car before reaching the age of 12.

Written by Robin Fleck


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