Four out of five Brits ‘speed on motorways’

New research conducted by has found that 79 per cent of British drivers admit to speeding on motorways.

Almost as many (71 per cent) confessed that they have exceeded speed limits on A/B roads; 61 per cent have done so in towns.

Satellite navigation systems which alert drivers to upcoming cameras seem to be encouraging bad driving habits. Two thirds (68 per cent) of drivers said they had slammed on their brakes when approaching a speed camera and 72 per cent said they had resumed speeding as soon as they had passed a speed trap.

‘Amber Gamblers’ are still a worryingly common sight on UK roads, with 18 per cent of drivers admitting to having driven past a red light.

Craig Staniland, underwriting director of, said: "While there are numerous measures and campaigns to improve driving standards, many people still take liberties while driving.

"The fact that a high proportion of drivers don’t know this affects their insurance is a major concern."


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