Flash floods pose driving challenges

Drivers are being warned that they face the prospect of torrential rain, poor visibility, slippery surfaces and increased stopping distances as the summer’s poor weather continues.

As a result, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has advised drivers to avoid the roads in case of a flash flood.

It said drivers should only make journeys that were unavoidable and warned them not to attempt to drive through deep water.

If driving through water is necessary drivers are also advised to follow a strict set of instructions to ensure their own safety and that of their car.

"Drive slowly and keep going once you have started – make sure you have a clear run, keep the revs high by ‘slipping the clutch’ (which means the clutch is not fully engaged) all the time you are in the water," the IAM explained.

Taking your foot off the revs could allow the water to travel up the exhaust pipe.

The IAM also claimed that drying your car’s brakes is essential in wet weather and this can be done by gently braking over short distances.

Finally, drivers should take the all important action of closing their windows before they leave the car.


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