Five top tips if your car is affected by flooding

Price comparison expert has issued five top tips for drivers whose cars may be affected by flooding.

New research from the company found that one in four motorists living in flood-risk areas may not be able to claim for damage as they only have non-comprehensive insurance policies, such as third party fire and theft.

This could prove costly for motorists in places like Morpeth, which was heavily hit by flooding after a month’s worth of rain fell in a 12-hour spell last Saturday (September 6th).

Tip number one is to get your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic as soon as possible if it has been affected by flooding.

Don’t attempt to drive your car before a professional gives you the green light to do so. Ignoring this advice could cause further damage and potentially invalidate an insurance claim.

Instead, contact your insurer immediately and seek their advice on the next steps to take and arm yourself with photographic evidence of any flood damage.

If you have written confirmation that your insurance company won’t cover any costs, you can appeal, firstly through a complaints department and secondly through the Financial Ombudsman.

Written by Tim Lescott


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