First love, first car

Even in these environmentally friendly times, when cars are supposed to be the enemy, the British International Motor Show has found that Britons still love their first car – often above the person they chose for their first relationship.

Two in five people look back on their first vehicle with such nostalgia that they remember the registration number.

Three in five people refer to their car as female, and a quarter of people give their first vehicles names.

Three in five people also describe the day they passed their driving tests as a significant moment in their life.

Kirsty Perkinson, marketing director at imie, the company organising the British International Motor Show, said: "People develop powerful bonds with their cars, especially their first.

"First cars represent an explosion of independence and a gateway to untold adventures, which is why they are so special."

One in five people still owns their first car, whilst almost two thirds said that they drove their first car until it had to be scrapped.


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