First Chinese cars in US ‘on sale within 12 months’

Chinese automobiles are to go on sale in the US for the first time ever, with Chamco importing the vehicles.

The firm will bring a Hebei Zhongxing pick-up truck and automobile to the country and hopes to eventually reach a network of 400 dealers.

Of the 150 who have initially become involved with the project, a number were from Ford dealerships, while there has also been interest from US Toyota representatives.

Entrepreneur Bill Pollack is the man responsible for striking the deal to bring the vehicles to the continent.

He states that many of the interested parties are people "whose fathers and grandfathers had the vision to take on Japanese franchises 30 years ago and who see the same opportunity now".

Mr Pollack comments: "We’ve seen Japan and Korea become successful – now it’s China’s turn."

Chamco originally signed the distribution deal with Hebei Zhongzing in 2006, but will release the cars in 2008.


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