Fed up with women driver jokes?

Ladies who, despite insurance companies’ premium reductions based upon safety, are subjected to sexist teasing about their motoring skills might enjoy a chance to prove their driving ability.

Ladies Driving Challenges are organised by charities, such as Marie-Curie cancer care, all over the country and give women the opportunity to drive tractors, fire engines, quad bikes, fork lift trucks as well as double-decker buses, in return for raising sponsorship for worthy causes.

One such event is a weekend in Suffolk on June 28th and 29th where women can indulge their vehicle passions in a safe arena, and with a slight competitive edge. First organised in 1998, and so celebrating an 11th anniversary this year, it has attracted young and old alike.

Ladies will have to achieve a minimum level of sponsorship (see each charity for details) and pay an entry charge for each vehicle challenge.

Jealous men have begun to organise their own events, and an inaugural Drive and Shoot weekend is planned for September 20th and 21st at Hungarian Hall in Suffolk. Entry is a minimum of £32 plus the sponsorship requirement.

Details can be found on assorted websites such as mega-club.co.uk


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