Fashionable car extra ‘could cause fines’

Tinted windows may be seen as a fashion statement by some, but insufficient installation could result in fines for motorists.

According to the Northampton Chronicle, those with windscreens darkened by more than 25 per cent are liable to face sanctions, as are those with windows tinted by over 30 per cent.

The feature, which is often associated with boy racers and modified vehicles, is dealt with by police in one of two ways, according to Northamptonshire police constable Rowley Adams.

He said: "Either the owner will be given 14 days to remove the tint or will be given a fixed penalty notice with a £30 fine."

The Department for Transport brought in legislation in February this year which means that motorists caught using mobile phones behind the wheel can pick up a £60 fine in addition to a three-point penalty on their driver’s licence.


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