Expert warns of danger of ‘frosting’ car crimes

An expert has warned of the danger of ‘frosting’ car crimes – thefts of cars or their contents when drivers leave vehicles unattended while defrosting them.

Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive at the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba) believes that many of us aren’t as vigilant as we should be about the risk of car theft at Christmas.

He said: "Everyone’s rushed these days. There isn’t enough time in the day so people try to multi-task; get the car up and running and rush back and do other quick things in the house while it is defrosting."

It is a fact that burglars are also well-aware of, making cold, dark mornings the ideal time to strike.

With the year’s longest day almost with us, insurance companies can expect a mountain of frosting-related claim paperwork.

But Mr Trudgill has another warning: "We have seen claims being rejected so leave a couple of extra minutes to be out there scraping your windows and putting your heaters on."

Written by Sonia Truffle


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