Expert warns drivers about satnav ‘horror stories’

A spokesperson for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has reported hearing "horror stories" about the satnav devices that many drivers favour when planning a trip.

Vince Yearly has experienced many cases of motorists being robbed of their satnav units, such as TomToms, after being careless removing them from the windscreen when leaving their car.

Mr Yearly highlighted that leaving a ring on the windscreen can be an open invitation for a thief to break into a vehicle as there is a good chance that the driver has put the unit in the glove compartment.

The spokesman said: "What we also recommend is that you do not put something like home into the satnav because if somebody does get hold of your satnav not only do they know where you live, they know you are not there and they can navigate their way using your satnav to your home and possibly burgle it."

IAM advises drivers to disregard satnav commands if they are clearly wrong – for instance "if it asks you to drive through a field".

Written by James Christie


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