Expert dreams of a time with no speed limits

An expert has speculated about what would happen if places in Britain did away with speed limits.

Martin Cassini, writing for FiT Roads, a website that advances the right of all road-users to use commonsense and courtesy on roads free of ‘counter-productive’ traffic controls, thinks that doing away with speed limits could actually reduce accidents.

He pointed out that when the 55mph US National Speed Limit was lifted in 1995, Montana reverted to no speed limits.

During this period of no limits, traffic volume increased by 15 per cent but fatalities fell to an all-time low.

Mr Cassini highlighted the fact that average speeds remained similar, and there was an increase in lane courtesy.

He concluded his argument by quoting traffic researcher, Chad Dornsife who observed that "the desired effect of speed limits is achieved by removing them".

Mr Cassini conceded that his idea of having greater autonomy for drivers on the road – doing away with many traffic light systems and some signage – is unlikely to catch on.

But he is more optimistic that his suggestion that drivers should take a cycling proficiency test to increase their sensitivity to cyclists could be implemented at some stage in the future.


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