EurotaxGlass valuation guide on offer this month

Motorists looking to sell their vehicle may be interested to learn that EurotaxGlass’ price guide has been reduced in price.

The paper is compiled by experts and rates valuations based on one of three levels of conditions – excellent, average and below average – while factoring in used car market trends.

Until December 2nd 2007, drivers can download the report for £2.50, discounted from £3.50.

Commercial manager at the firm Tim Brown commented that the offer will allow motorists to approach sales with an educated mindest.

He said: "This offer will enable more consumers to buy or sell a used car with confidence, knowing that they are using a realistic value from a trusted supplier of data to the motor trade."

Meanwhile, Auto Industry has reported that the organisation has teamed up with Britain’s biggest Vauxhall Market Area and to establish a new online motor industry marketing service.


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