European commission CO2 legislation ‘not balanced’

The legislative framework in place to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe is not balanced and does not do what it claims, a top motor industry body has stated.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) officials on the continent need to employ a "fair and realistic system" and meet the goals it sets.

It added that climate change will not be solved by cuts made by the motor industry alone and that fuel bodies, politicians and drivers will all have to play a role.

Sergio Marchionne, president of the ACEA and Fiat chief executive, commented that he has been disappointed by the current regulation.

He said: "The upcoming regulatory framework should support us in a constructive and sustainable way. We urge the EU governments and European Parliament, who will have the final say, to take up this challenge in the months to come."

This comes as WhizzGo claims that two-thirds of motorists believe the cost of motoring is becoming too expensive.


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