‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello – Police vehicle sponsored for the first time

A collaboration between a fiction writer and the police force that has let him research his latest novel has lead to the first ever sponsored Police vehicle.

The 5-door Hyundai Getz saloon has the name ‘Peter James’ on the side with images of scenes from his book. Peter James has based his character ‘Roy Grace’ in the Brighton area and Sussex Police has allowed Mr James to visit the police station for one day per fortnight, as well as going out on patrol in similar cars.

City Commander Chief Superintendent Paul Pearce said: "We are very grateful to Peter James and Pan Macmillan for their generous offer in sponsoring a vehicle for the Brighton & Hove policing division.

"The car will not be used to respond to emergency calls but is solely for use in the local community, to provide visibility and reassurance, and to provide a quick way for officers to get to their local neighbourhood areas."

Geoff Duffield, sales and marketing director for Pan Macmillan, said: "Peter James is one of the world’s bestselling crime thriller brands. But his roots, and those of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, are firmly in the community that is Brighton. This is about putting the brand back into Brighton, and doing it in such a way that contributes to that community. Pan Macmillan is delighted to be supporting Sussex Police in this unique venture."

The vehicle should be seen in and around the streets of Brighton and Hove from Thursday.


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