Electronic Stability Control is a beneficial feature for towing vehicles

The Caravan Club has worked with the University of Bath research team, and Bailey of Bristol caravan manufacturer, to investigate whether electronic stability control (ESC) can help to prevent trailer snaking.

Using data from a simulator, and collected during the Caravan Club ‘Towcar of the Year’ competition, it was established that ESC does provide some degree of movement reduction if snaking occurs.

Caravan Club technical manager, Martin Spencer, comments: "Follow The Caravan Club’s advice and be sensible in terms of speed, matching your outfit and how you load it.

"Get this right and the chances of a snaking problem are tiny. However, if ESC is an option then it appears to be money well spent. It won’t prevent all accidents but it could just prevent that rare snaking situation."

ESC is fitted to 42 per cent of current UK vehicles.


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