East Anglia is UK’s windscreen damage capital

New research conducted by Churchill Insurance has discovered that motorists living in East Anglia are the most likely to suffer windscreen damage.

The south of England is not far behind and the reason that these two areas are so unlucky with windscreens is due to the large amount of arable farming that occurs in these regions.

The heavy machinery associated with this type of farming causes debris on the road – the ‘perfect’ conditions for cracked windscreens, sun roofs and side mirrors.

Claire Foster, spokeswoman for Churchill Insurance, said: "It is important to get windscreens fixed as soon as they are damaged, even when it is the smallest crack. If drivers fail to fix the damage, this could impair people’s vision whilst driving.

"Many people do not realise that windscreen claims will not affect their no claims discount under most insurance policies, so there is no sense in delaying the inevitable."

London, central and south-west England also featured in Churchill’s windscreen top five.


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