Driving lessons ‘are putting relationships under strain’

The extent to which teaching a friend or family member to drive is putting a strain on relationships has been highlighted by new research conducted by Mercedes-Benz World.

According to survey, one in three Britons learn to drive with a friend or family member – and 20 per cent of these people end up falling out as a result.

In other instances, more drastic action was taken as 13 per cent of instructors admit to having grabbed the steering wheel in panic, seven per cent have resorted to using the handbrake and a further seven per cent have insisted on swapping places with the driver as their nerves have got the better of them.

"As our family driving challenge shows, parents aren’t always best equipped for teaching their children to drive," commented Peter O’Halloran, managing director of Mercedes-Benz World.
This is perhaps underlined best by the fact that in two per cent of cases a driver being taught to drive by a friend or family member has crashed.

Mr O’Halloran believes one of the best ways for youngsters to prepare for life behind the wheel is to take part in the Mercedes-Benz World Family Driving Challenge, which is open to all family members over 1.5m tall.

"Our experienced driving instructors offer expert tips and advice to make sure learners perform to the best of their ability when they get behind the wheel," he confirmed.


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  1. Driving Instructor on

    Even I as a professional driving instructor gave up trying to teach my wife to drive, as it was causing a lot of friction!

    Unfurtunately the current economic situation will mean more people trying to cut the cost of learning to drive.